My Carbon Footprint…

I’m committed to driving less.  Even though our car gets great gas mileage.  And I’m hoping driving less will mean living more.

So today, for the first time, we parked the car and rode the bus downtown.  Talked with a girl named April at the bus stop.  Memorable, sweet moments with a young lady looking forward to everything life has to offer.

She informed me I was at the wrong stop.  And since the bus was early, I missed it.  Then the one I was supposed to be on broke down.  CATS to the rescue with a bus that took us straight into the Center City.  Read the paper.  Met a gal named Brittany from our church on the bus, too.

I’m buying a 10-ride pass to try this again.

Because none of this great stuff happens when I’m in the car all by myself.  And it only cost me $1.30.

2 Comments on “My Carbon Footprint…

  1. Yes, it’s true! AND we were at the wrong stop!!!
    You’ll have to monitor my progress.
    Should I continue to stumble, you can choose whether to rescue me or let the natural consequences occur. 🙂

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