An Ideal Husband

Sean and Asher

I LOVE the Sunday edition of the New York Times.  It’s always full of excellent, deeply-sourced stories that get my mind in gear for the work-week.  But my Sundays are so busy now with family and church I can’t seem to make time for this indulgence.  Besides, for the price, (5 bucks for the Sunday edition) I can put enough gas in my car to drive to work and back.

But I think God was trying to speak to me this week, through the Sunday Times.  I picked it up that day at Starbucks – sighed deeply, and put it back down, knowing I wouldn’t have time to get past the front page.  Then tonight, researching the story about the breakup of Alex Rodriguez and his wife (yes, researching)  – I stumbled into a Sunday op-ed story called “An Ideal Husband”.  (stay with me, here – I really am going somewhere)

In this column, Maureen Dowd talks to a priest about marriage advice.  This quote:  “That world-class misogynist, Paul of Tarsus, got it right when he said, ‘In all your dealings with one another, speak the truth to one another in love that you may grow up, ”  sent me straight to  Click on it.  Now that’s good stuff.

Speak truth in love.  I needed to hear that.  I thought you might need it, too.  God spoke to me in lots of ways Sunday.  He even tried to speak to me in Starbucks.  Imagine that.  Is someone trying to speak the truth in love to you?  Are you listening?  Or do you need to have the courage to speak some truth to someone you love?

Sunday was also our 11-year wedding anniversary.  That’s Sean, holding baby Asher. 

Love you, my dear – handsome – kind – hardworking – Ideal Husband.

4 Comments on “An Ideal Husband

  1. Who in the world would get marriage advice from Maureen Dowd? She spews hatred about anything remotely Christian. And she calls the Apostle Paul a misogynist? EVERY word from his mouth was inspired from God. How dare she say he had contempt of women. They were treated worse than slaves ever were when he wrote his epistles. He had more respect for woman that most. People like Ms. Dowd have no clue about what makes a marriage work because they think, we as Christians are stupid and full of hate. We are just people that were like her once until we heard the truth of what Jesus did for us at Cavalry. I pray that she would know the kind of love that Paul proclaims in his epistles. The Lord tells us, through Paul that husbands’ should love their wives like Christ loved the church. That’s what a true happy marriage is all about. Two people together, loving each other as Christ loved us. What a concept….

  2. By the way – I didn’t say I agreed with everything Maureen Dowd had to say (or has ever said)
    But this day, what she wrote – got me thinking in an important way.
    As a journalist – I’m always keeping an open mind – looking for the nuggets of truth in people’s words and opinions.
    I angered the reader above… and thought you should see what she had to say.
    Whether I agree with her, or not.

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