Thankful Thursday

Maybe it’s the rain.  Maybe it’s the detoxing effects of the Daniel Fast.  Maybe it’s that two of the people I love most in the world are on the other side of the country.  Whatever it is, I’m feeling funky today.

With too many thoughts swirling through my head, the only productive thing to do on this August 28 is list 28 things I’m thankful for.  It’s the perfect exercise for my muddy mind.

Rain.  My producer, Josh.  The rain stopping.  My Mom doing the dishes.  Asher learning to crawl.  Freedom.  Pineapple.  New jeans.  Safe, healthy children.  Cooper’s preschool teachers, Lisa and Tina.  Peace.  Friends joining me at Elevation Church.  Mango.  Ciara getting her driver’s license.  God’s Grace.  Applesauce.  Sean safely reaching the top of Mt. Thielsen.  Running Shoes.  My Mom folding clothes.  Cooper learning to read music.  Asher enjoying tofu.  Sunshine.  Dear Friends.  Lentil Soup.  Yoga.  My Books.  My Savior.  Kira starting college.  Fresh Breath.

That’s 29.  A head start on my list then for Friday.  Back to work, now.

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