Sarah Palin as VP

A WBTV viewer wrote me after the 11pm news tonight asking:

“When you were reporting about McCain’s VP selection, you ended it by saying at 44, they say she is a risky pick. Was that mentioned because CBS is a Democratic-owned operation or was that you view?

Just curious… Stephen”

I wrote him back, citing four different national news organizations and political analysts who call Sarah Palin a “risky” choice for John McCain as his running mate.  Bold.  Brilliant.  Risky.  Surprising.  All these are words being used tonight after the Republican nominee for President chose the Governor of Alaska as his number two.  Campaign 2008 is getting more interesting all the time.  I love my job.

One Comment on “Sarah Palin as VP

  1. The selection of Palin was pure genius! I’m a Republican, but not a big fan of John McCain. However, his decision to ask her to join his ticket has made me see him in a new light. I feel energized for the first time this election. The best part of all of this is that I have women friends who have never been involved in the political process but who are now asking what they can do. I’m looking forward to the next 2 months! It should be a roller coaster ride.

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