Smiling Through Economic Crisis

Tonia and Mark Barrow, Volunteer Award Recipient
Tonia with Mark Barrino, Volunteer Award Recipient

This week, I had the pleasure of congratulating and encouraging some of the most dedicated volunteers in Charlotte.

Crisis Assistance Ministry celebrated its volunteers with good food, good friends, and good humor.

It’s something we need a dose of right now.  Humor.

Carol Hardison, Crisis’ Executive Director said that she’s NEVER seed the need so urgent.  She’s NEVER seen so many people lining up for help.  We’re all feeling the pain of higher gas prices (if we can find it at all), higher food, clothing, and shelter prices.

But what I found most wonderful about this group of volunteers, was their laughter… their spirit… their hope.  Some of them have been folding clothes, or moving furniture, or helping in the store for more than a decade.  And each day, they’re smiling, they’re thankful.  And they’re offering loving help to those in need.

Thanks to Mike Hammer Photography for his volunteer work at the event!

One Comment on “Smiling Through Economic Crisis

  1. Tonia,
    Thanks so much for coming to Crisis Assistance Ministry’s volunteer recognition event this week! Your presence and words were an inspiration to our wonderful volunteers. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. I heard so many great comments about you after the event!
    My best,
    Doug Hartjes

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