Update on Gas Shortage

Watch for the latest, tonight on WBTV News.

Charlotte Mayor says gas is on its way; supplies should be back to normal in 48 hours

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Worries continued Friday as drivers in the Charlotte area found it harder to locate gas for their vehicles. Around 3 p.m., WBTV spoke with Charlotte Mayor Pat McCory.
The Mayor said he just off the phone with Department of Energy’s Deputy Secretary in Washington, DC. 

The Deputy said he just spoke with officials at Colonial Pipeline.  They say a very large shipment of gas coming into Charlotte very soon, actually sooner than expected.

This is happening throughout the south where the pipeline is located.

Supplies of gasoline in the Charlotte region should be back to normal within 48 hours.

The Mayor said it takes days for the gas to be distributed to stations.  He still encourages drivers to not top off their gas tanks.

He says panic buying is causing a major problem.  The demand is greater than normal because of people filling up their tanks when they don’t need to.

The good news is that the gas coming to the Charlotte area is a few hours ahead of schedule. 

The mayor stressed that drivers should not bother the tank drivers making deliveries at the gas stations.

“Please, let the tankers do their job,” he said.



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