Update: Not Enough Trucks?

4:11pm update:

Now from the Governor’s office… it’s NOT a trucking problem.

It’s an oil company problem.  The Gov’s office says the oil companies are not releasing as much fuel as they should from the tanks in Charlotte because they don’t want to run out before the next shipment comes in.  They’ve reduced their allocations in order to keep a reserve.

This is raising our eyebrows here at WBTV.  We’re trying to get an answer.

More tonight.

Breaking News, 3:30pm

The Department of Energy tells WBTV News the gas is here.  In Charlotte.  Governor Mike Easley tells us the problem is “not enough trucks to get it to the stations.”

We’re working on following up.  We know you’re still having a tough time finding fuel.

So many questions.  More answers tonight on WBTV News 3.

One Comment on “Update: Not Enough Trucks?

  1. There is no shortage of gas. This is a manufactured shortage – to coincide with the “crisis” on Wall Street. It is a crisis, but raised to mammoth proportions by government actions. Paulsen and Bernanke seemingly intended to cause panic, and President Bush panicked and joined in sending the “sky is falling” alarm. People should reflect upon whether there is a larger plan at work to move the United States into socialism on a monumental scale. The sinister effect of a bailout plan will be the destruction of the US Constitution.

    The present “gas shortage” is confined to the Southeast – the “Bible Belt.” The most conservative citizens in the nation live here. These are the people who must be moved to panic in order for them to allow their Congressmen and Senators to continue this march to socialism.

    A bailout of Wall Street will essentially result in the taking of private property by the government. Since our freedom, our liberty is based on ownership of private property, this is the next step in taking away the rights of the citizens of this once great nation.

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