Asher’s First Birthday

Birthday Adventures

I’ve discovered what seems like the perfect “first-birthday” food.

Destined to become a traditional fall favorite in our house, I found an excellent recipe for “Sweet Potato Pancakes,” thanks to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Since we love pancakes even for dinner in our house, I’d been looking for a better recipe for these for years.  This is it.  Asher ate them until I thought for sure he would burst.  And while I’m thinking about it… here are two baby/toddler meal prep secrets:

*use a pizza cutter to slice up almond butter and jam sandwiches, pancakes, etc.  It’s quicker, easier, cleaner than a knife.

*put snacks for little ones in muffin tins.  For example, cheerios in one space, cheese in another, bits of soft fruit in another.  The little guys love to move the food pieces around from space to space.

Happy Birthday, little Asher.  We love you!

One Comment on “Asher’s First Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Asher-Bear!!! I love you little man… I was so excited when your mommy told me that Coop was gonna be a big brother. I have loved getting to know your little personality and all the wonderful funny quirks that go along with it. It’s hard to believe you’re already 1! Just, don’t grow up so fast this year.. you’re making me feel old. Seriously. Stop. 🙂 I can’t wait to try those pumkin pancakes… maybe I’ll have them for my birthday?? Tootles!

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