“Don’t Back Down”

I love it when my pastor talks tough.  See his post here today on what to do during this economic crisis.

More importantly… what NOT to do.  I know you’re stressed out by the economy.  Here are some great tips on what to do with your 401K.

To cope, try these stress-relieving tips recommended by Frank Farley, a professor of psychological studies in education at Temple University.

*  take media reports with a hefty dose of salt  (watching CNBC non-stop is not healthy)

*  do something  (work on your budget, take a look at over-spending issues)

*  maintain a life balance  (maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine)

*  take stock of your life  (if you’ve still got your job, you are blessed – if you’re concerned you’ll lose yours, brush up that resume!)

Here are more tips from US News and World Report on how to deal with the anxiety.

One Comment on ““Don’t Back Down”

  1. Good advice. I’d try to do anything that occupies my time. When my brain is idle, I find myself worrying.

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