Extreme Crisis Leads to Essential Generosity

Tonight on WBTV, we shared with you a snapshot of the story of Irekka Grier.  She’s a teen mom working to create a better life for her two very young children.  When she moved into an apartment a few weeks ago, she moved there with almost nothing.

No bed.  No pillows.  No furniture.  No dishes.  She and her children were sleeping on a box spring with no mattress or sheets.

She doesn’t have a car, so she walks her kids to daycare and takes the bus to school.

Through their partnership with Communities in Schools, Safe Journey; Elevation Church volunteers heard about Irekka’s story.  A small group of couples and others gathered up five vehicles full of basic necessities, and delivered them tonight to her nearly empty apartment.

Heather Bishop said, “When I saw her list of needs, something just jumped in my heart and I knew we had to help.”  Irekka said she’s been praying for this day, and working hard to be the best mom she can be.  She was overwhelmed by the generosity of people she doesn’t even know.  “It lets you know when you take one step, people take two.”

Irekka plans to complete high school in 2009.

If you’d like to know more about how to help teen moms in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, contact Communities in Schools, Safe Journey.

One Comment on “Extreme Crisis Leads to Essential Generosity

  1. Well said Tonia. Thanks for all of your efforts in advancing the vision of reaching those in need in this community. You are a phenominal asset to our church and to this community and we appreciate you deeply.

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