3 Important Health Stories

From US News…

Study: Some Breast Cancer Tumors May Go Away

Is it possible for breast cancer tumors to disappear on their own, without medical intervention? A controversial article published in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that in some cases, the answer may be yes. A childhood breast cancer tumor called a neuroblastoma sometimes goes away on its own, and researchers were looking into whether invasive breast cancers might also regress, USA Today reports. The researchers compared the number of breast cancers diagnosed in 100,000 Norwegian women who were screened every two years with the number found in a group of women who were screened once in six years. Doctors diagnosed 22 percent more breast cancers in women who were screened more frequently. That, the study authors say, suggests that more frequent screening found cancers that would eventually go away and did not need to be treated, according to USA Today.

Last week, U.S. News‘s Deborah Kotz listed seven things to consider if breast cancer runs in your family. In August, she discussed how to prepare for sex after breast cancer.


From the New York Times:

Americans are sicker than they think…




Self-diagnosis causes “Cyberchondria”…



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