My Old Friends…


Thinking about it makes me giddy.  I found them.  My hiking boots.

I thought they were gone.  They HAVE been gone.  Missing… like I left them out on a trail somewhere, sometime… I can’t remember when.  I could only find my old pair.  The beat up, old pair that took me to the top of Mt. Rainier in 1997.  The pair I wore before my sons Cooper and Asher were born.  I love those boots, and I can’t bear to part with them.  But they DON’T FIT anymore.  Nobody tells you when you have a baby your FEET WILL GROW a whole SIZE!

So I bought a new pair, maybe three years ago.  I’ve worn them maybe twice, and not for anything really good.  My old pair – they’d been up St. Helens (twice), peaks in the North Cascades and in British Columbia – but my new pair made it up Crowder’s Mountain, North Carolina.  Elevation, 1625 feet.  They need to get outside.  To take me up.  Higher.

Those new boots found me, just in time.

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