Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Tonight at 11, we’re airing a really repulsive story.  And I know you’ll want to ask me – “why did you run the story about that guy and the chewing gum?”

The story is about a college maintenance worker who was caught on webcam doing sexually inappropriate things in a woman’s office where he thought no one could see him.

Why did we air it?  First of all, it happened here in North Carolina.  Secondly, it’s one of the strangest things we’ve ever heard of.  It leaves us wondering why someone in their right mind would do such a thing.  Thirdly, there are criminal charges involved – felony food tampering.  AND it was caught on web cam tape.

Is there redeeming value in the story?  Here’s the thing.  The woman who caught the guy in her office couldn’t get anyone to file charges against the guy for a YEAR.  They wouldn’t take her seriously, they didn’t know what to charge him with.  He told a reporter he’d hoped she could “move on” from the incident.  He was fired from his job.  But the woman felt it was her duty to file charges against the man for SOMETHING.

We thought you should know.

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