Coffee Fighting Cancer


We ran out of time on our news at 5:30 today for this story… and it’s one I wanted to share with you.

Japanese researchers found one or two cups of coffee a day cuts your risk of mouth or throat cancer in half.  If you smoke or drink alcohol heavily you miss out on this benefit, however.

Now no one is saying you should start drinking coffee if you don’t… just so you can avoid oral cancers.  But if you do drink coffee, it’s good to know of another potential benefit.

By the way, WebMD’s got a great article on cancer prevention and what we know for sure works:

Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, and Exercise.

And while we’re talking coffee, I’m often asked my favorite coffee shops in the area.  All my faves offer free wireless internet and real coffee mugs and glasses.  Sitting down for coffee or tea and drinking it from a paper cup is just silly.

Julia’s Coffee is tops in Charlotte.   Located inside the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Wendover Road, Julia’s is decorated by my friend Brenda Ische.  It’s eclectic and fun and Brenda’s use of well-loved materials is fantastic.  Whatever you purchase there helps build homes.  The used bookstore offers some great titles for under $5.  You must try the Tres Leches Mocha. 

Estelle’s Cafe and Coffeehouse is my favorite in SouthEnd.  Friendly service, tasty food and wine.  The chicken pot pie is perfectly delicious.

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