Headed Home, New Perspectives

WASHINGTON, DC – Millions of people tonight are making their way back home from an Inaugural high – among them, Harding University High School’s marching band.  They should be home by 5:30, and we’ll carry their story live tonight on WBTV.  CMPD officers are on their way back as well, after performing security duties for the big events of the day.

Then trickling back at a slower pace, dozens of our friends and colleagues who will have emotional stories to tell about “being there” when history was made.

Among them, Dorothy Sillers, whom I talked with last night on our news at 11pm.  Mrs. Sillers is a retired Charlotte nurse.  She’s 70-years old.  She and her husband are mentors to young black men and women in Charlotte.  She volunteers 15-20 hours a week, and talking with her just a few moments gave me a new mantra for 2009.

Her life’s work is based on the thought that “to whom much is given, much is required.”  That thought comes from Jesus parable of the faithful servant.  John F. Kennedy used that bit of paraphrased scripture (Luke 12:35-48) in 1961 just a few days before becoming this nation’s 35th President.

What a beautiful reminder whose time has certainly come.  Thank you, Dorothy, for being such a shining example to me and so many other Charlotte women.

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