I got a great bit of encouragement from a viewer today (thanks Stacy), and I hope it helps you.  She reminded me that the only people who don’t make mistakes, are the ones who do nothing at all.

I’m not perfect.  I don’t want to be.  But I want to work past being good to being great.  And that means taking risks.  It means working occasionally outside my comfort zone.  Here’s a blog from Pastor Steven Furtick on this very issue.  He reminds us to be sure the mistakes we make are new ones.

One Comment on “Mistakes

  1. I was just sort of surfing around and stumbled here. I think this is a great subject. So many Christians have been in this bondage of thinking that they have to get it right before they can come before God, when what we really need is to really get near God, plug into the real body of Christ, and our loving Father takes care of the rest.

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