Simple, Healthy Surprise


Sundays are always gloriously busy at our house.  Both Sean and I volunteer most Sundays at our church and sometimes it’s tough to get a healthy dinner on the table quickly. 

Well, I was reminded this Sunday that I don’t always have to have something complicated for the kids to eat healthfully.  I wanted quick, I wanted fresh, I wanted green.  So I steamed some broccoli as the MAIN COURSE.  I’m not kidding.  I steamed a big pile of it in a GLASS DISH the microwave, and whipped up Sean’s favorite easy aioli (basically mayonnaise with a squirt of lemon, garlic, salt and pepper).  Put a few fresh orange slices on the side – and the boys ate every bite.  Asher asked for more broccoli.  I didn’t steam enough!  We had apple and plum slices for dessert.  It took me five minutes.

They had also helped me mop the floor – so we celebrated with an ice cream date with dad.  I am the most blessed mom in the world. 

By the way, Cooper tells me he’s a volunteer at Elevation, too – “sometimes I help pass out papers mommy, AND I always help new kids feel welcome.”  Proud mama moment.  And Pastor‘s sermon Sunday was spectacular.

Check it out here.

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