Love it. Hate it. Love it.

I have a love-hate relationship with my blog.

I love it because it’s an opportunity to reach people, to share information with friends and family, and to expand on stories and issues that are important to me.

I hate it because I can’t entirely decide what it should be.  As a journalist, my favorite blogs are those that I create that are informative, deeply sourced, meaningful, thought-provoking, funny, etc.  etc.

But I’m also a working mom.  And that means I’ve got two full-time jobs.  Who’s got time to write, let alone read, shower, or exercise? 

I realize I’ve set the bar too high.  Who’s reading it anyway?  Not even my mother (she would if she knew how to use the internet).  So I’m turning over a new leaf.  Starting tonight.  I love my blog.  I’m going to keep it simple.  Share insight and interesting, important information.  It probably won’t be deeply sourced.  And that’s okay.  It’s a blog.  Not the New York Times.

2 Comments on “Love it. Hate it. Love it.

  1. What I like about your blog is that you never know what to expect, what part of your life you’ll share with us today? A new event, a mommy event or a garden event? You are so many thing, so your blog can be too. ❤

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