New Shirt or Stain Remover?

oxyclean sprayI’m not as cheap as I should be.  I’m learning to be cheap.  My parents didn’t grow up in the depression.  They were just poor.  And so when I started making money, all I really understood was how to spend it.  I was spending more than I was making and I have learned (again) that this is dumb.

So today, when I dribbled coffee on my shirt, I debated – buy a new shirt?  Or stop for stain remover.  In my past spending habits, I would have used this as an excellent excuse to buy a new shirt.  Instead, I opted for the stain remover.  $2.99.  Lots cheaper than a new shirt.

Although – the stain is still kind of there.  Maybe I should be drinking more water.  Coffee $4.  Water – free.  That would have solved both problems.

5 Comments on “New Shirt or Stain Remover?

  1. I’ve learned to always keep tide to go in my car… I spill coffee on myself at least once a week!!!! 🙂

    • I spilled AGAIN tonight!
      Good grief. I can’t take me anywhere.
      The oxyclean actually isn’t working for me at all. 😦

  2. oxi clean is the miracle stain remover! for me it has removed all sorts of baby stains, raspberries sophie ground into her shorts and most recently red wine all over my pink tank top. the secret…let it soak. seriously, if can let a stain soak in oxi clean for 24 hours, i can nearly guarantee the stain will come out. even old set in stains. soak it for 24 hours and then wash…it’s like magic!

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