HOT Volunteer Opportunities

Some really great volunteer opportunities have crossed my desk in the past few days, and I wanted to share them.  I know you’re looking for fun, meaningful things to do this summer – so you’ll have something to say when that question comes up, “what are you doing to change the world?”

Friendship Trays could use a few more drivers to fill in this summer.  It’s simple.  It’s rewarding.  We love it.  And maybe you’ll get the chance to meet someone phenomenal – like Miss Martha.  She’s 100.  We adore her, and look forward to seeing her every time.



Miss Martha, Our Favorite Grandma
Miss Martha, Our Favorite Grandma

24 Hours of Booty is looking for volunteers for this month’s 24-hour charity cycling event.  It’s in Myers Park, July 24 and 25.  It raises money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the Brain Tumor Fund for the Carolinas, and the Keep Pounding Fund.  And it’s miles and miles of booty loop fun.  Contact for more.

24HoB Group Photo - Opening Ceremony Group

And the Society of St. Andrew is looking for gleaners in the Concord area this Wednesday.  If you’re not familiar, gleaning is collecting leftover crops in farmers fields after the commercial harvest is done.  The food is then distributed to the poor and hungry in our neighborhoods.  It’s estimated there are 36-million people in America who are what’s called “food insecure.”  And about 20-percent of the fresh food grown each year is lost.  You can help by contacting  Gleaners Wednesday will help harvest hothouse tomatoes and sweet corn.

Feeding the Hungry - Society of St. Andrew

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