Legos in the Laundry

MATTHEWS (9:23pm) – I have had THE best week.  Let me share.

Breakfasts with the boys, swim class and pool time with my little fish, library time, parent meeting, organizational chart, newsletter, research, outreach, phone calls, emails, friends with new babies, friends whom I love but rarely got to see, dinner meeting with the most amazing potential, and sharing my faith with dear friends who are struggling.

And then tonight, like icing on the cake, there were Legos in the laundry.  Like little reminders that this time is fleeting, and precious, and remarkable. I am certain I will not be finding legos in the laundry forever.  And for this moment, I am SO grateful.

2 Comments on “Legos in the Laundry

  1. Toni,

    I have missed seeing you on the news and noticed that “whomever” will say “Paul’s off tonight” but would not say you were. I checked the WBTV anchors list this evening and did not see you listed. I felt a sense of panic, then googled where is Tonia Bendickson and found your site. Well, Congratulations to you and your family for the decision you have made.
    You are already missed on TV, your smiling face, the fun and grace you gave to reporting the news. I’m almost sad (for me) because I have watched you faithfully for years.
    Enjoy your family. Abundant Blessing will follow. Jer:29:11 is for you today (and myself everyday.)
    Best Regards, Becky Price, Mint Hill, NC

    • Thanks Becky! I appreciate your kind words and am thankful you trusted me to bring you the news right into your living room.
      My work at WBTV was such a blessing to me and my family, and I’m thankful for it. Thank you for the awesome scripture, too!

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