Celebrating with Carolina Breast Friends

CHARLOTTE (7:07pm) – I’m at the Westin Hotel – getting ready to celebrate with dear friends who are the keepers of the vision of Kristy Adams Ebel.

I met Kristy while she was in the midst of what she called, “Hooter Infiltration.” Cancer was a forbidden word. Her dream was for Charlotte to be home to a “Pink House” – a place where women fighting breast cancer could go to learn about their diagnosis and to find the best ways to fight it.

One of the best ways of course – is in community with incredible women on the same journey.
I’m thankful for Kristy and all she taught me – and I’m looking forward to this night with these beautiful people whose lives continue to be touched by her vision, her passion, her appreciation for life.

2 Comments on “Celebrating with Carolina Breast Friends

  1. Tonia- as much as others have inspired and blessed your life-you too have returned that ten fold.
    We all miss seeing your smiling face each day on our local news but know you are still busy behind the scenes doing God’s work here in the Charlotte metro.
    God bless your works, your life and your future!
    Chaplain Rick McCann

    • Dear Rick – you bless me greatly with your kind words – and I appreciate your perspective. You know of course that we are all changed by the people we meet, and hopefully we can be the “everlasting splendours” CS Lewis described so eloquently. I’m grateful for you!

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