Believing in God for the Impossible

MATTHEWS, NC (9:18pm) – One of the most persistent questions I’m receiving right now is “what ARE you doing, now?”  It’s never been an uncomfortable question before – but it is, now.

When Sean and I moved to North Carolina in 2000, we moved for my career – so I could take a job at WBTV News in a city we knew we’d like better than Houston, Texas – where we’d lived for three years.  We never really intended for Charlotte to be our home – we imagined we’d stay a few years, and we would move back to the Pacific Northwest with our family.

Well, we came to love this city and its people – and about five years ago we started attending Elevation Church. I remember the moment exactly – you’ll think it’s corny – but here goes.  We’d been visiting several churches here after moving from Houston – and loving our church there.  We didn’t really find just the right fit until I walked into the Levine Senior Center in Matthews where this new church, Elevation was meeting.  There were fewer than 200 people there.

I’d been invited by this guy named Tyler who’d emailed me in the middle of the night about this crazy stunt the church was going to pull – dropping 50-thousand eggs from a helicopter on Easter Sunday.  I knew this would be our church.  The pastor was young – looked more like a youth minister – but could he ever sing!  The band was playing my favorite worship song, and with tears in my eyes I called my husband who was across the country at the time – held up the phone to the music and said, “I found our church.”

I told you it was corny.  But it’s the absolute truth.  And we have grown so much in our walk with God in these few years since.  He has come through for us time and time again – and now, more than ever, we are trusting him with our future and asking him to use our lives for his glory.  And the church has grown so much – from fewer than 200 when we first attended, to see more than 11,000 on this year’s Easter Sunday.

Some of my story is in the new book “Sun Stand Still,” by Pastor Steven Furtick.  It releases tomorrow nationwide.  It’s full of our stories and biblical truth about believing God for the impossible, about praying audacious prayers and believing God will come through.  I’ve never been more proud of my pastor, or my church than I am right now.

And starting Tuesday at noon – the same date as the book release – Pastor Steven will preach for 24 hours.  Sounds like a crazy stunt – but I know my Pastor’s not the kind of guy who could sit around on the day his book comes out.  A book we all believe has the potential to change the lives of every person who reads it.  None of us will be able to sit still.

Oh, so what am I doing now?  This minute, I’ve tucked the boys into bed, I’m telling you about what I believe is the most important thing you can do tomorrow (buy “Sun Stand Still”), I’m picking up my daughter from the airport for a 3-week visit – and tomorrow… I’ll be encouraging Pastor Steven as he preaches his guts out for 24 hours.

Wednesday – I’ll take my first grader to school – and then… we’ll keep taking steps to love on this city so big, folks will wonder what hit them – and we’ll point to the one who first loved us.  Beyond Wednesday, I’m believing in God for the impossible.

19 Comments on “Believing in God for the Impossible

  1. I was just watching the news and noticed Molly didn’t say she was filling in for you. So I jumped to see if I could find out where you were. I’m glad that all is well, and I will miss you very much.

  2. I’m going to truly miss you Tonya! WBTV news just won’t be the same without you! I live in Hickory and watching your news and your love and compassion for the stories you reported on, always touched my heart. I’m sure God will truly bless you and your family in whatever adventures come your way. Thank you for sharing your life, and your time with so many people across the viewing area. You are loved, and will be missed.

  3. Tonia, You will truly be missed at WBTV….. I remeber when you first came you looked so young and sweet (my Dad (God rest his soul) He loved you and channel 3.

    I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing for your family. I wish you all the best and I know God will bless you and your family.

    God Bless you, Camille (in Gastonia)

  4. Tonia, you will be greatly missed on WBTV. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Stepping out on faith is so awesome and you can never go wrong. May God truly bless your endeavors and family:)

    Suzi (Boiling Springs)

  5. Tonya, I found you! I couldn’t remember your name but knew that I missed seeing on on WBTV. In the middle of the night while I was tossing and turning, I knew your name like it was my own! That’s God! Well, now that I have found you, I hope you remember me. I’m that lady who complimented you on that black necklace that you wore on one of your newscast many years ago. You told me that I could wear it anytime. Well, I haven’t forgotten and I still want to wear it.

    Much success in the next phase of your life. It will be spectacular! Tell everyone at Elevation that I said “hey”!

  6. Hi Tonia,
    I hope you are doing well and I can’t wait to hear about all your new adventures!

    How do I get a hold of you? Do you mind sending me an email with all of your contact information. We’d love to talk to you about the Walk With Me event coming up and get you all the details.

    Can’t wait to see you!

  7. We love you and miss you. We love the Lord so you go girl. We will be praying for you and your family and your ministry.

  8. Sure do miss seeing you on the news. Very happy on your new journey in life. I believe GOD has bigger and better things in store for you and your family. Good luck and best wishes to you!! God Bless youTonia!!

  9. Hi Tonia……so great to find you…….and know nothing is wrong……but in fact everything is just wonderful for you & your family. It takes courage to step out in faith, simply trusting God for the next step when you have no idea where that step is. I know God will bless you…..because you put Him first. Just like when I first moved to the Charlotte area in 1991… a single parent of a daughter….I found my church actually before moving here. I knew I had a job to start……and knew I wanted to feel at home in the right church for us………I ended up being in the choir in that church fo 11 years……now I’ve moved on again……and finally remarried after trusting God to have me where I was supposed to be…….and doing what He wanted so He could bless me in the way He knew I needed most.
    God bless you and your family…….keep on walking in faith……not easy…..but well worth it.

  10. I miss you greatly! You and Jamie were my favorite part of the news. Wish you luck in all that you do. WBTV news is not the same without you, but glad you are able to put your God and family first.

  11. Hi Tonia, I have watched WBTV for years as I grew up in Charlotte. I then moved to the SC stateline and was still able to watch WBTV! I recently moved to Charleston and miss WBTV! You were my favorite anchor of all bc of your professionalism and compassion that came across as u delivered the news. I’m a firm believer that God is and always will be in control and wish you nothing but the best in your future. I know you are missed but I bet God has wonderfully exciting things planned for you and your family! Take care!!

  12. Tonia, I can see that I’m not the only one that has missed you! Our
    God is an awesome God! May your faith keep leading you and you will not make any wrong turns.

  13. Hey Tonia! Just like all the rest of the replys, I’ve missed you and wondered if you were all right. It’s wonderful to read all the great things God has been doing in your life and with your family. It’s also a joy to realize you have trusted and kept the faith when you can step out there and do what God has truly called you to do. There’s no better place than the be right in the Center of His Will! God bless you!

  14. Tonia, I’ve been missing you. Every time I watch the news – there’s Molly. Things are constantly changing and I’m happy you are happy and taking time to enjoy your family.

    God has blessed my life and I know he has also blessed yours. Joy to you my TV friend.


    • Thank you so much, Carol – and thank you for staying in touch. Life is always changing, isn’t it? When I look at my boys and know how quickly they’re growing up, every minute, I know that for me, this change IS good. 🙂

  15. Tonia, I do really miss you, but like everyone else I think it is wonderful that you have stepped out on faith like this. I am embarressed to say that I just realized last week that you were not on the newscast anymore. I have 3 children myself ages 5,9,&12 and I don’t get to watch news like I used to. God Bless You and everything you do.

  16. Dear Tonia, I missed you and thought you were on vacation. I’m glad to know that you have decided to dedicate your life to the Lord and are willing to serve Him. It was always so evident in your broadcasts that you knew & loved the Lord and truly loved His people. I pray that God will bless you and your family as you trust Him to guide your lives. We all should have such faith & trust in Him. Enjoy those precious boys.

  17. Dear Tonya,
    My husband and I will miss you greatly….we love the chemistry between you and Paul Cameron….You both have such a natural that I’ve not seen on the news in years…It seems like you are family…..Father & Daughter ….or best friends….(smile)
    I’m a friend of yours on fb for several years….but, I will miss your honest and integrity, and the way you make people feel when you share the news with us….We look forward to seeing you every day….Please take a lil’ break and come back soon….
    It’s like Sonny & Cher…(wink) there never was chemistry after their show for them ….no matter what they did…..Not that I don’t wish you well…(smile) ….I just will miss seeing you…..And one thing I love about you too….after reading this article…is how you back your Pastor……good for your…..I’m sure he is a good man….and I hear the worship is great there….We pastor , so we are not able to visit around much….but, I sure am glad to see God is using you in a special way for his kingdom….May God Bless you and order your footsteps and you purpose for his will for your life…..We love you and will keep you in our prayers…..Dr. Roger & Veda Franklin…..aka/ Godsgal 🙂

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