Being Still

STONECREST (5:06pm) – It’s Wednesday evening, and in this moment – for the past 10 years – I’ve been prepping to deliver Charlotte’s 5:30pm news. Reading stories, answering the phone, checking with sources, chatting with our producers, reporters, my co-anchors, and putting on makeup. (often all at the same time)

Maybe that’s why in this moment, I am struggling with doing JUST ONE thing at a time. I’m reading my bible (2 Corinthians 4), answering text messages, and writing a blog. I’m resisting the urge to return an important phone call. I am a chronic, multi-tasker. Am I the only one?

I’ve been advised that it’s time for me to “just be.” Who’s advising me on this? My husband, my counselor, and I think God is, too. Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God”. I’d love to hear your advice on how to do this. For now, I’m sitting at the bookstore and I’m going to try to stop doing three things at once. I may implode. Maybe not. But it will feel like it.

10 Comments on “Being Still

  1. I am in complete concurrence with you! I, too, find myself doing ten things at once, hoping for the guidance from the One above that I will at least get half of them finished correctly! I remind myself daily to take time to just BE–I’m fortunate to teach at a Catholic high school, where we all are able to reflect, pray, and just Be in His presence…It brings things back into perspective! I’d love to have you come and address my Issues of the 21st century class, at your convenience–having another “news geek” discuss the topics of concern to us might help hammer home the lessons of the day!

  2. As an A type personality you are driven by the tasks at hand, the desire to achieve, please, if not others than yourself and you take pride in being on top of your game.
    Multi-tasking unfortunately is an element that has become just as routine as breathing in today’s world for those who care about their career, their objectives and accomplishments and themselves.
    People sometime become “addicted” to the tasks and demands of their career and the chances of advancement and promotions within their company and put undo stress and pressure and responsibilities on themselves that can act as a drug as they become more and more focused on achievements and possibilities and less focused or driven on family needs, personal time or God.
    I don’t think that you were blindly driven or solely focused on career but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to balance everything that you have taken on and do a fair and equal job so that everyone is happy.
    God has given many talents to people which are as varied and different as individual people are. Not everyone can sing or fly an airplane or be a firemen but each talent is a special gift and a piece of the overall puzzle to life on earth.
    Journalists, especially those in local communities serve not only a necessary part of the overall fabric of the area, but a vital link to information, news, weather, safety issues and so much more that we depend on them daily to be our eyes and ears and give us all of the information that we don’t have time to collect, monitor or know independently.
    You have a talent not only for doing this but for being a shoulder to lean on, the voice of a concerned neighbor, mother and friend and that comes out as an anchor and as a street reporter.
    God has something more in store for you I’m sure of that. But whatever it is you’ll still be multi-tasking. I’m sure of that too!
    Be at peace with your decision, enjoy your new found freedom and be receptive to His voice. And don’t ever be ashamed of being someone who is responsible, efficient or caring.
    God Bless you and your family! You’re in my prayers.
    Chaplain Rick

  3. I can totally related, Tonia! I’m trying really really hard to be still and present – especially knowing that Campbell is starting kindergarten next year. I sometimes think I’m doing so many things at once that I’m not really living, but just crossing things off my to-do list. I’m trying really hard to be more present in everything – especially family time. My sister-n-law for the last several years has signed off on all her phone conversations, letters, emails, etc., with “Be Still”. I think its a common theme and struggle for many.

  4. Tonia,
    A group of co-workers and I took up your question during our fellowship meeting. By the way, thanks for the discussion topic! Here are some responses:
    -Jesus took time early in the morning before the day got underway.
    -We are able to be still b/c God is in control. There are many things we cannot change, but can rest knowing that he will do what is necessary.
    -Pray for guidance regarding what to take up and what to put down.
    -Stillness must be intentional. There is value in a special time/place, ie, “prayer closet.”

  5. I applaud what you’re doing and Jesus Christ is the best friend to take on this pilgrimage. I am a pastor of a small church and my wife was just laid off. She is doing this at the ripe age of 58. We don’t know what lies ahead but we know that it will be worth the trip. We are reclaiming our very quiet back deck to converse with. the birds, squirrels, and the Master. God bless you Tonia. You were the most real person on the news. I may switch and see what the other stations look like now that your gone.

  6. I hear what you are saying. Can you see God working in your multi-tasking? He is in each thing you do. Try seeing as you do each task. It may surprise you. Reflect on today. What comment did you make to the person who may have helped you out. How did that reflect on your faith? How did your smile touch the person your interviewed? Did you slow down to let another person in during your commute. You never know what you do to bring Christ into their lives.

  7. Oh, Tonia, I love to hear about someone else called to be in the same place as I am at the moment… Being still is tough for doers, but by being still we allow the ultimate Doer to be much more amazing than we can ever be. I didn’t read the other comments, but for me, the “be still” is an act of trust that He can do it much better than I ever can. It’s knowing I’m serving a much higher cause and a much stronger God than anything I, or anyone else, can ever do. And on the “doing” side of things, we should get lunch or dinner soooooon! 🙂

  8. He was a builder and woodworker, right? I find it easy to have a still mind when you have busy hands. It’s easy to focus but incredibly hard to multi-task when slinging a hammer or shovel 😉

  9. Tonia, I have to agree 100%. I can never do just one thing. Sometimes two things is too few for me. It is in every area of my life. Driving, I must have the radio on and be on my phone. I can’t just drive. I always have several projects going on at one time… homework, Bible reading, assessments to do from work. The area that this bothers me the most is Bible reading. I wish I could get my brain to shut off on all the things I need to get done, and JUST READ MY BIBLE. 😦
    So, I feel your pain. It’s so hard to do!!

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