Taking my eyes off him…

(MATTHEWS) 6:00AM – I don’t think I ever really realized how often I take my eyes off God.  How often I try to make my way through life without HIS joy and peace in my heart.  Last night I realized just how damaging that can be.  I ask your forgiveness up front if this post seems like a rambling moment of consciousness.  It is.

I had an awesome Saturday – working with creative friends with Bless Back Worldwide as we gear up for our trip to Haiti in December.  Fun with my first-grader making a pilgrim diorama for school.  Then came the breakdown.  A relationship frustration – an emotional burden – a poorly-handled conversation.  Does this happen to anybody else?

Then I put on my wounded, self-righteous, “I can do anything” attitude, let my anger get the best of my internal world, and put on my best face for the moments ahead.

Then, bam.  I fell right on my face.  Not literally, thank goodness.  But I didn’t perform an important task to my highest ability.  I walked out into the world all alone – with my head held high – but I was kidding myself.  When I take my eyes off Jesus, when I forget to ask him for help because I feel perfectly capable of walking this path that feels so well-worn without him – I fail.

Pastor Steven Furtick this morning at Elevation Church is on week two of his series “One Generation Away.”  He will speak on Ephesians 3:20-21.  If you’re like me, and need to hear from God more often than you even realize – you need to get there.

2 Comments on “Taking my eyes off him…

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how God sends the Messenger right on time.
    Sometimes, as an educated business professional and Chaplain, I forget who’s leading and who should be following and I needed to hear this message today. Thank you!

  2. Tonia we will miss you on the news but am so glad to hear what you are doing with your life now. It takes a lot of faith & trust in GOD to do what you have done and put your future in God’s hands instead of doing what the world says is right. You are an inspiration to all of us who try to do GOD’s will with our lives. May GOD bless !!!

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