We are the change…

MATTHEWS, NC – Dr. Roy Blank found his way back to his faith on his first trip to Haiti.  Now, preparing for his second trip, he’s inspiring a new group of volunteers to be the change the world is waiting for.

Faced with political unrest, the risk of cholera, and the fears of travelling to a country on edge, about 50 people gathered to worship and pray for the efforts of two teams preparing to leave for Haiti with Bless Back Worldwide.

Dr. Blank was among the dozen or so who shared how his life has been changed by God’s goodness and mercy in the days leading up to the journey.  Encouraged by worship leader Chris Brown, team members were asked to finish the sentence in Psalm 124, which begins, “If the Lord hadn’t been on my side…” Emotion and gratitude ran high as one volunteer after another stood up to share stories of how supplies, funds, and encouragement flowed in at just the right time.

Holly Furtick, wife of Elevation Church lead pastor Steven Furtick, encouraged the team to strive for unity and humility.  She spoke a timely and beautiful message on Ephesians 4, which urges us to “be completely humble and gentle… bearing with one another in love.”  She said, “Expect God to work in you, and speak through you.  And know that no job is insignificant on a trip such as this.”

George Collins, PA-C – the founder and leader of the Bless Back Worldwide movement organized the evening, saying no preparation was more important than this time of prayer and worship.  He shared how funding for this trip has come in much more slowly than for the first trip, immediately after the January 2010 earthquake.  But that now, contributions have come in from more than 700 people from 38 states.  And that the team will now be able to accomplish far more than expected when it comes to ministry, medicine, and repairs to the orphanage in Les Cayes. He told a small team in July that it needed to raise more than $150,000 for the trip.  Collins says, “I wanted to set a goal so high people would think I was crazy; a goal that, if achieved, would require God’s intervention.  God has intervened, yet again He has provided.  We are blessed.”

Bless Back Worldwide leaves for Haiti in 12 days.  Packing day number two is this Saturday in Monroe, NC.  I’m delighted my daughter and I will be joining the teams to share their stories and to love on the people of Haiti.

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