Seeking Sharp Minds, Great Eyes

twothousandtendemoreel from jared hogan on Vimeo.

I’m blessed to work with some of the most beautifully creative minds in the world. And as a team at Elevation Church, we are always looking for opportunities to improve. We are compiling some of the most creative, emotional, dynamic, impactful, unusual videos in the church world. We want to learn from them, we want to understand why some videos make a connection and push people to action and why some fall flat.

We’d love your help. Next week – date and location still TBA but likely Wednesday or Thursday evening – we are assembling a focus group to view these videos, discuss them, and learn from them. It will be entertaining, educational, and fun. Surprises, food, and an opportunity to network with creatives like the amazing Jared Hogan. Comment here with your contact information to join us, or for more details send me an email at

5 Comments on “Seeking Sharp Minds, Great Eyes

  1. Would LOVE to participate in this! Please let me know the final date, timeand place. Thanks. Deborah

  2. I am happy to help. If you are looking for a teenagers point of view McClory would like to as well. Thanks for all you do!

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