Relief from Irene

In the aftermath of hurricane Irene, today we know at least 41 people in eleven states have died.  And concerns are rising over flooding, stranded residents, and power outages.

Our Elevation Church outreach partner Samaritan’s Purse is already on the ground in North Carolina, assessing the damage and getting help to where it’s needed.

Some of our volunteers and eGroups are already preparing to mobilize to help where they are most needed.  You can help, too.  Talk with your eGroup or eTeam leader and let us know how we can empower you to make a difference for North Carolina residents suffering in the wake of Irene.

One Comment on “Relief from Irene

  1. If you want to help, volunteers need arrive no later than 9pm on Friday. Samaritan’s Purse is set up at New Song Church in New Bern. Volunteers will need to bring a twin sized air mattress, cot, or sleeping bag if they plan on staying at the church. We will spend the entire day Saturday working with clean up crews in the area. All meals will be provided. We will leave Sunday in the early afternoon.

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