“Yes to God” Webcast and Giveaway

Good morning and happy Labor day friends,

In honor of so many of you I know are laboring on Labor day (that was always our joke in the newsroom) I’m excited to announce my first blog giveaway, and an upcoming hour that will be an even greater gift to you!

Tomorrow evening, from 8-9pm, I have the honor of hosting the “Yes to God” Webcast.

My wonderful friend and bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst is teaming up with another amazing bestselling author Ann Voskamp for this hour of teaching that will be “the fresh igniting your soul is craving.”  I keep pinching myself because I can’t believe I get to spend an entire evening with two of my favorite authors.  They are beautiful, powerful women whose work continues to inspire and transform me and thousands of others!

The best news is, you get to join us.  You can sign up for the webcast that Lysa’s team is offering FREE of charge, grab a cup of coffee, and join us.  Click here for details on how to sign up.  Then, come back here and leave a comment – because I’m giving away what I’m calling the “Yes to God” gift pack.

I keep having these conversations with friends about Lysa and Ann’s books.  I keep telling them – “You’ve got to get my friend’s book Made to Crave – it will change the way you see food and life!”  Other conversations go like this, “Living every moment in gratitude is the secret – you must read Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts.”  So I’m giving a copy of each away.  Then next week, I’ll give away Lysa’s book What Happens When Women Say Yes to God.  She’s got a brand new DVD series and teaching guide to go with it!  Stay tuned for that.

So, go sign up for the webcast, and then come back here to comment for a chance to win my friends’ beautiful books.  Share with me a moment recently where thankfulness changed your life.  Or how choosing to go to God instead of food gave you great peace.  Or how you need these books so badly because you need to learn how to do these things!

Thank you for stopping by!

19 Comments on ““Yes to God” Webcast and Giveaway

  1. Thanks for sharing this information, Tonia…I am needing a little ignition as a mom, school teacher, and eLeader in Quest at Blakeney! I am so excited to spend a little time with Lysa and Ann on Tuesday night (that means an early bedtime for my boys…lol!) And I would LOVE to have their books…what a blessing that would be!

  2. Looks like a wonderful opportunity to gain continued momentum in spiritual growth! Thank you and I’m looking forward to the web-cast!

  3. Wow! So excited for you to host this! I’ve been following Ann Voskamp for years, being a homeschooling Momma, myself. She inspires me in so many ways, & has totally revolutionized my thinking when it comes to gratitude, especially concerning these beautiful little souls that have been entrusted to our care. Her book has been on my Amazon wish list since it came out 😉 Thank you for all you do, Tonia! Looking forward to the webcast!

    • So glad you found the webcast, Tonya – and it’s great to find your blog! It’s great to see you!!! YOU are already so amazing and positive – so many GREAT women in my life! So thankful for you!

  4. I just signed up for the webcast. I look forward to listening to these amazing women of God! Thank you for sharing!

      • Hi Kristen! Using randomizer.org, your entry has been chosen as a winner. Thank you for commenting on our blog and congratulations! I’ll send you an email for your address information!

  5. I’d love to win When Women Say Yes… I think it looks amazing. Looking forward to the webcast.

    • Hi Stephanie – Thank you for commenting on my blog. Through randomizer.org, you’ve been chosen as the winner of the “When Women Say Yes to God” book. We will send you an email seeking your address information. Congratulations!

  6. I have wanted Lysa’s book since I first heard her speak almost 6 months ago. I would love an opportunity to win this book, not only to overcome my own wrong ideas about food and it’s role in my life, but also to lead others to freedom as well. I look forward to the webcast too!

  7. I am signed up for the webcast tonight. I have been wanting to read Lysa’s book, Made to Crave. I just recently discovered Ann Voskamp’s blog, I printed out the Seven gifts and have been writing down my 7 everyday. Just starting the 100 days Calender and am incorporating healthy eating choices into that. Food has controlled me for far too long and its time to give that control up to our Lord. I absolutely adore Proverbs 31 ministries, the daily word of encouragement is something I look forward to every morning. I can’t wait until this evening for the webcast!!

  8. Looking forward to the webcast tonight. I enjoy reading both of these lovely ladies.

  9. Yay, thanks so much! I am so excited & I know God has big things in store for me through both books. 🙂 God bless you for all you do for Him & for Elevation. Look forward to getting my package in the mail! 🙂

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