Shoes of Hope

As my house begins to stir with sounds of sweet boys awakening, I’ve got just a few moments to tell you about a really rare and beautiful outreach opportunity.

Next Sunday, September 25 – you can work beside dozens of us from Elevation Church to bless children and families in one of the most fragile neighborhoods in Charlotte with 300 pairs of new shoes.  The photos below were taken as our interns sized children from our outreach partner One7 to receive half of those shoes.

Sizing One7 kids for September 25 Shoe Distribution Photos by Sean Lyon

I know it’s a Sunday, and you’re thinking – how can I take part in an event like this and still get to church?  The great news is this is a huge event.  There are 11 time slots from 11am to 6pm.  Is it your weekend off as a greeter or an usher at church?  There are slots for greeters and ushers to serve!  There’s a setup team, a teardown team and more.  It’s a perfect opportunity for your eTeam or eGroup to share in this unique outreach opportunity.

You can sign up here on the Elevation Outreach page.  Click on the blue SERVE button and scroll down to the “Shoes of Hope” event.Tomorrow, I’ll share with you what this opportunity has to do with our outreach partner Samaritan’s Feet, and the President of Burundi coming to Charlotte.    For now, just get signed up and know – you can’t do everything for everyone – but you CAN do something for someone.  Do for one, by signing up for “Shoes of Hope.”

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