Can’t clean this up…

This is the craziest day.  I just got up off the floor weeping in gratitude for the goodness of our God.  Does anybody else do this?  This is becoming a regular thing for me, and I know it’s because I’ve allowed him to do more through me than I’ve ever done before.  A blubbering, thankful mess, that’s me.  Finally, the kind of mess I don’t need to clean up!

Emails and tweets are sending me to my knees in tears.  Not because I’ve got too many to respond to (though there is that).  Not because too many of them are questions folks should be answering for themselves and not asking me to answer for them (though there is that).  Not because my dearest friends are wondering if I’m okay because my personal inbox has been neglected (though there is that).

It’s none of that.  I’m weeping, literally face on the floor in gratitude today because YOU keep sharing with me your joy in serving with the Elevation Church Orange Initiative.  Like the twitter stream on Friday and Saturday of all the awesome work you were doing for the American Heart Association.  There’s no glory in setting up for a fun run.  It’s work.  But ANY work can be fun, and inspiring and even transformational when your motive is to serve the one who made you – the one who gave his life for you!  And I see that in your faces and it makes me cry.  Am I being too sensitive?  I don’t think so.

This morning, I got this beautiful note from one of the absolute behind the scenes heroes in our church, Robin Dumais.  She and her husband Peter are beyond incredible.  They are gifted servants whom I dearly love.  I asked Robin to help me celebrate and honor our outreach liaisons and events volunteers.  More heroes.  Beautiful friends who give their lives away to serve with Elevation Outreach.  Their dedication and commitment is incredible.

Peter and Robin Dumais, Photo by Sean Lyon

I told her I had a tiny budget, but wanted something big.  Though many would laugh, Robin and her team took the challenge and created a beautiful, elegant, perfect backdrop to our fall outreach launch, complete with orange cotton candy.  And here’s the thing.  She just sent me a note about the number of hours it took to pull this thing off.  And how many people stepped up to help.  She says “I didn’t want to discourage anyone who wanted to serve so we had 11 volunteer staff involved in the event.”  11 friends, 66 hours of time spent for my little party/meeting to celebrate a few dozen friends and all they are doing to change the world for Jesus.  66 hours!  Hold on, I’m crying again.

Elevation Church volunteers – You amaze me.  Your commitment is inspiring.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  The best IS yet to come.

If you’re not yet plugged in to the vision and mission of Elevation Church – Click here to learn more about eTeams.  We are in the process of adding Outreach eTeams to our Campus Support structure.  If you’re interested in serving with us, go ahead and sign up using the eTeams Interest form online.  Go ahead and leave me a comment below as well, just so we can connect.  Tell us about YOUR Orange Initiative experience!

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