Grateful start to the week…

Good morning!

Here’s a quick update and a huge THANK YOU for an incredible weekend for outreach at Elevation Church.    Exact numbers are still coming in, but we know for certain from Samaritan’s Feet that Sunday more than 130 volunteers helped give away more than 600 pairs of shoes in East Charlotte.

Thanks to our partnership with One7 these shoes went to neighbors and refugee families living in our city from all over the world.

Some of the stories you shared from twitter:

From @grahamaddison – “Just washed a 30-year-old man’s feet from Nepal that had never heard the story of Jesus.”

From @melissacarp – “Humbled and honored to be a part of @ElevOutreach @Samaritans_Feet event today.  I’ll never look at my overflowing shoe bin the same way.”

From @bradelynlevi – “Today was absolutely amazing!  Gave away more than 500 pairs of shoes in the pouring rain with @ElevOutreach @Samaritans_Feet and @One7 – Loved it!”

From @kdnoles1 – “Showing God’s love brings smiles to these boys’ faces.  God is good.  @ElevOutreach being his hands and feet. ”  The video is priceless.

Photo Montage Courtesy Jamie Waldron

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