Meet our heroes, and walk with us!

Saturday's Forecast, GORGEOUS Fall Day Ahead!

What to do… what to do on Saturday afternoon?  Worry no more.  At Elevation Outreach we’ve got you covered.

This Saturday, October 1 – you can enjoy an afternoon with your family in Freedom park AND support our outreach partner Down Syndrome Associate of Charlotte AND serve through the Orange Initiative!  And while you’re pondering your options whether to sign up for the DSAC Buddy Walk (did I mention your fee is already covered?) – I want you to meet someone.

Brian, Zeke Danila, and Laurie Maddex

Brian and Laurie Maddex are the proud new parents of that beautiful little boy, Zeke Danila.  He was an orphan in Ukraine.  But no longer.  You see, Brian and Laurie have been in Ukraine for two months to bring Zeke Danila home to Charlotte.  Finally, yesterday – the adoption was approved!

Laurie is our Elevation Church outreach liaison to Down Syndrome Association of Charlotte.  They actually have FOUR boys, now – imagine the energy and JOY – and the party they will have when everybody is together for the first time!

The Maddex family is awesome.  We’re grateful to them for all they do at Elevation Church and for Elevation Outreach.  And we’re super excited for their new adventure with their beautiful new son.  And Saturday, at the Buddy Walk – you can join us in celebrating the opportunity for children with Down Syndrome to reach their full, God-given potential.  Click on the link, tap the blue SERVE button, scroll down to “Buddy Walk” and sign up.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!

3 Comments on “Meet our heroes, and walk with us!

  1. Down Syndrome dhildren are such beautiful children, and such an amazing gift from God. There are no woreds to describe how loving and amazing these kids are

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