Life is NOT like Step Aerobics

Buck Buhler: Trainer, Friend, Encourager

Quick thought to launch your day…  are you living too much of your life in your comfort zone?

I crashed… hard last night during Boot Camp with Buck Buhler.  It happened right as my competitive spirit kicked in and I pushed a little too hard.

I tripped on my own big feet and took a friend down to the hard asphalt with me.  Laughing at my clumsiness, wincing in pain, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Buck had said right before we began the exercise.

“This is not step aerobics,” he said, “This is boot camp.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with step aerobics, but when it comes to exercise, and life – you don’t see gains unless you push yourself.

You must step out of your comfort zone to see God’s strength in your weakness.  Who’s pushing you past where YOU think you can go?  Everybody needs a Buck Buhler.  Someone to tell you to suck it up and push a little harder.  I believe in you.  You can do this.

What leap of faith is God asking you to take right now?  Are you standing on the edge of your known abilities and wondering if it’s time to jump?  If you are, I’d love to hear about it.  It would be an honor to pray for you and encourage you.

6 Comments on “Life is NOT like Step Aerobics

  1. Thanks for this post. My husband and I recently moved to NYC. Since moving here, I have really felt outside my comfort zone in this big city. I’m really confused about what God is trying to show me right now…specifically with my career and what I am to do with my life. I suppose I’ve been doing “step aerobics” for too long.

    • Did you live in NC before, Megan? NYC is a big city, and it will take time to find your place. What a big courageous move you’ve ALREADY made! Be patient with yourself. Plug into a great church like and trust in God to light your way. He will!

  2. Tonia,
    Thanks for this post. I attend Blakeney and see you every week. I am 56 years old and since a bad church experience several years ago have had trouble stepping out and getting involved again. I am scheduled to attend First Experience this week at Blakeney, but am a bit apprehensive about it. I know God is calling me to step out so please pray for me that I will and that I will become a part of Elevation. Thanks, and would love to meet you and shake your hand.

    Mike Tate

  3. It’s SO great to hear from you, Mike. I’m sorry you had a bad church experience some time ago. We hear that from a lot of people. Churches are full of people, all of us – fallen, imperfect, sinful people. It’s only by God’s grace that we keep from fouling everything up! You are already taking a big step by signing up to volunteer! That’s GREAT! I look forward to seeing you. Do you know yet what area of service you’re interested in? I’d love to connect you into outreach. We’ve got a great event going on this Saturday – we’ve all known friends/family who’ve faced cancer. You can support cancer survivors here in Charlotte by joining the Hope Cancer Ministries run. I’ll be there!

    • Thanks for the replies Tonia and John. Although a bit apprehensive, I am looking forward to being a part of the Elevation team. Something I failed to mention earlier is that I drive over from Gastonia every week to worship. so I am looking forward to the opening of Elevation Gastonia in January. I have been through the whole specter of church service and leadership, such as Deacon, Vice Chairman of the Deacons, RA leader, multiple committee member, you name it. But when it all crashed down on me in 2005, it has been hard to find my way into an area of service since then, matter of fact, it has been hard for me to find a church where I feel like I belong and where others will help me along the way. I look at Elevation as a fresh, new start and I will just start with some baby steps and see what leap of faith God will ask me to take. Tonia I have volunteered for the “Bullpen” area of service, not entirely sure what that involves but I understand it is an area of encouragement and I beleive I am gifted at encouraging people. So, this Sunday will be a new start for me hopefully, and I cant thank you Tonia and John enough for the encouragement. God bless you both!

  4. Hi Mike,
    I am a fellow Elevator and have been since 2006. I’ve been volunteering since 2007 and I think you will find not only is Elevation a different kind of church, volunteering is a different kind of experience, all good! I lead the eTeam Headquarters at Matthews and it is my honor to lead the team that serves other volunteers, preparing them to meet, greet, park, seat, and serve our fellow Elevators and guests. The best part about being plugged in is that I get to be part of the bigger picture, which is Seeing people far from God, filled with life in Christ. Mike, I know your past experience has affected you and cause you to hesitate in getting involved again, but in this case, I think you will find that you will be stepping out and stepping in to an incredible move of God! I will be praying for your courage. . . Welcome to the team. . .

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