See a need and fill it… #30DaysofThanks

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – This beautiful Monday morning, as every morning, there were more than 200 people waiting in line for assistance outside the doors of Crisis Assistance Ministry.

At lunchtime, Urban Ministry Center will serve more than 300 hungry people their only meal of the day.  At dinnertime tonight, a working single mother will weep because she doesn’t have enough decent food to feed her children.

Hunger is real in the Charlotte area.  You know it.  You want to do something about it.

But you worry the need is so great, that no amount of effort on your part can make any sort of difference at all.  And especially now, as the holidays are approaching, you’re wondering – how can I make THIS season different for my family?

In the offices of Elevation Outreach, we’ve been working to make your holiday season more meaningful than ever before.

Starting November 1, we are launching “30 Days of Thanks”– 72 opportunities for you, your family, your eGroup, or your eTeam to serve the hungry in Charlotte.  Working with our strategic outreach partners, we are doing all the heavy lifting for you.  All you need to do is provide the hands and the heart to serve.

Click here on our Elevation Outreach page for the list of opportunities.  Check in to see where you can serve our neighbors in need this November.

You can’t do everything.  You must do something.  Not “one day” – but today.  Sign up now, and then tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter where YOU will be serving during #30DaysofThanks this November.

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