#30daysofthanks – HOPE Haven

NORTH CHARLOTTE – This week, I had the opportunity to visit one of our outreach partners, Hope Haven for the first time in years.

When I first arrived in Charlotte, I reported on this program that supports homeless men and women recovering from addiction.

Since that time, Hope Haven has grown from a small home in West Charlotte supporting about a dozen men at a time – to now what has the feel of a small village in North Charlotte that can support more than 170 adults and children.

During LOVE Week 2011, Elevation and its students went crazy blitzing for 24-hours straight to beautify and improve the renovated motel complex and its grounds.  It’s a beautiful oasis now for people who need support and guidance following drug and alcohol treatment.

This month, during #30daysofthanks, we’ve planned a one-time Hope Haven opportunity specifically for staff and volunteers at Elevation Providence to serve.  It’s this next Wednesday night, November 9 – we’ll be serving dinner alongside other Providence campus volunteers – it will be an incredible chance to give thanks and serve TOGETHER!

Click here to sign up!  See you at Hope Haven, where you can change the world for someone working to overcome incredible barriers to success – “No matter what.”

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