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Am I hanging with the right crowd?

It’s no longer Friday – but I promised myself I’d be intentional about blogging in 2014 – so here’s my #FMFParty (Five-minute Friday) thoughts on Lisa-Jo Baker‘s “crowd” prompt. My wonderful husband in 2013 challenged our family to recognize the sabbath on Fridays. Since… Continue Reading “Am I hanging with the right crowd?”

Bringing HOPE to Cancer Survivors

A friend asked recently why so many people were struggling in so many areas of their lives. Why are marriages, families, schools, and businesses failing?  What’s wrong with the world?  She wondered. A wise mutual friend answered, “It’s a lack of hope.”  So simple.… Continue Reading “Bringing HOPE to Cancer Survivors”

Join Us for AIDS Walk Charlotte

“… a strange illness of unknown origin …”  —Jacques Leibovitch, clinical immunologist, 1984 This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the emergence of HIV and AIDS and the intense public health, scientific, and political responses that followed. It is also the 15th anniversary of… Continue Reading “Join Us for AIDS Walk Charlotte”

Living a 5-Point Harness Life

I used to race cars.
I started by racing go-carts at the same time I was taking ballet and figure skating. (I’ve always had a little trouble over-scheduling.)


Thanks to our friends, Tanya and Jason – we’ve had a beautiful bounty of fresh produce right in our backyard this year. I love being able to pop outside my door to pluck a few fresh basil leaves, a fresh tomato or cucumber for… Continue Reading “Locavores”

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