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Extreme Crisis Leads to Essential Generosity

Tonight on WBTV, we shared with you a snapshot of the story of Irekka Grier.  She’s a teen mom working to create a better life for her two very young children.  When she moved into an apartment a few weeks ago, she moved there with… Continue Reading “Extreme Crisis Leads to Essential Generosity”

“Don’t Back Down”

I love it when my pastor talks tough.  See his post here today on what to do during this economic crisis. More importantly… what NOT to do.  I know you’re stressed out by the economy.  Here are some great tips on what to do… Continue Reading ““Don’t Back Down””

Coping With Crisis

Tonight the experts tell us the gas crisis in Charlotte is coming to a close.  By next week, you should be able to find as much fuel as you want… as often as you want it.  That’s a relief.  It was frustrating.  It was stressful. … Continue Reading “Coping With Crisis”

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