Tag: Five Minute Friday

Take a Drive

It’s morning and I’m blessed with an opportunity to write. Now, what about? I’ve got lots of work things on my list, but I need a break from that this minute… So I look at a a few things that inspire me. Jeff Goins… Continue Reading “Take a Drive”

Because He Said So…

My dad isn’t a big words guy. He doesn’t use a whole lot of them. But the ones he does use certainly stuck with me growing up. He always told me he loved me – and he often used the phrase “Because I said… Continue Reading “Because He Said So…”

Am I willing to listen?

My sweet mama from Spokane says I started talking in full sentences at 8 months of age and never stopped. Speaking was never a problem. Listening has always been a problem. I’ve got words, baby. Plenty of them. And they’ve gotten my in trouble… Continue Reading “Am I willing to listen?”

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